Da jeg var i Gran Canaria for efterhånden meget lang tid siden, fik jeg den sødeste pose jeg har gemt fordi den virkelig er positiv og bare virkelig cute.

I sig selv er den jo ikke mega interessant, for den er jo bare brun med en tekst på - men jeg havde det altså meget sjovt med at læse den et par gange.

Watch the sun rise and set on the same day
Give flowers
Laugh at yourself
Run as war with your legs as with your mind
Lose your inhibitions inside and outside of the shower
Visit seven continents
Learn another language and teach your own abroad
Forgive, like the brave has always forgiven
Experiment with weightlessness
Not want to retire
Run a race against time
Confess something big
Sleep a lot and keep on having dreams
Gate-crash a party and make it last forever
Shout "the next round's on me!" in a bar. And then keep your promise
Make love somewhere you normally wouldn't 
Run naked in the rain
Live without the internet for 24hours, and not just because you have no signal
Conquer your fears
Sleep under the stars
Not buy a return ticket
To have more plans than memories
Know which came first, the chicken or the egg
Reach the top in all your plans
Love a lot and well

Hvad synes I om disse ting?
Hvor mange af dem har du allerede nået?

// I got this cute bag a while ago, when I was in Gran Canaria. It is so cute and positive, and I just really like it. 
What do you think about the things? And have you already done some of them? //

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